ODS College of
Dental Sciences

909 Adams Avenue
La Grande, OR 97850


An innovative private-public partnership in Eastern Oregon now offers convenient study for associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in Dental Hygiene. The partnership matches the resources of The ODS Companies (ODS), Eastern Oregon University (EOU) and Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT).

Dental Hygiene offers you a variety of career options with opportunities as clinician, educator, administrator/manager, researcher, consumer advocate and change agent. Like the allure of private practice or working in a foreign country? Employment settings for these varied career options range from community health programs to veterinary dentistry to marketing dental products. The possibilities are endless.

Dental services now available to the public

The ODS College of Dental Sciences offers quality, affordable dental care in a safe and professional environment.

  • Adult cleaning
  • Adult fluoride
  • Child cleaning
  • Child fluoride
  • Adult/child fluoride
  • X-rays and exams

Additional services are also available. Please call us at 541-663-2721 to make an appointment or request additional information about our discounted services.